Monday, May 11, 2015

The simple truths

Hey all you people! Hey all you people! Hey all you people, won't you listen to meeeee!!!

This week has been good! I'm getting a watch tan line and stuff! So this week was pretty fun and challenging. It's getting kinda warm outside, like I had a pit stain the size of a quarter. It's legit. Sorry for being gross. So all of our families are doing well. We got a referral for a guy that just got out of prison, we taught a young sixth grade girl who had just been adopted by a member family (She was baptized just before we got here so we are just reviewing stuff with her) and she's so cool! We also taught an Elderly woman who is not a member with her husband who is a member. She wants to be baptized and she knows what we teach is true but she feels like she needs to know everything about everything first. It ain't gonna happen. The Crawly's are also doing well Brother C. hurt his shoulder and was cheated out of some overtime at work and was feeling down so we gave him a blessing Sunday morning before he and his wife attended church. It went over very well. There were no super insane people this week but it did rain twice! So that's good (just so you know it's nothing like the rain back home).

I had a neat experience with reading this morning. I have been rereading the New Testament as well as a book called Jesus The Christ and I realized when reading about Christ's childhood that all that is said about Him between the age of twelve and thirty is that (probably not an exact quote but you get you get the point) "He increased in wisdom and in stature". What this means is that even Christ, being always perfect and diligent in learning, was still learning about The Gospel and Himself at least until He was thirty years old. That being said, none of us are greater than Christ. So how could we ever possibly hope to know everything there is to know about God, Christ, the Spirit, and the Gospel? Simply put, we can't. We cannot ever hope to fully comprehend any of it because we are physically limited to mortal understanding and capacity to comprehend spiritual matters. The only thing we truly have are the simple truths. Christ knew we would never understand; that is why He taught us to focus on the spirit of the law rather than the letter of the law. That is why he taught us by parables and example. That is why it is necessary for us to focus on Gospel truths that we do know rather than be frustrated about we do not know. Christ put it simply for us so that we could stay on the strait and narrow path when he stated that the most important commandments were to love The Lord thy God with all they heart, might, mind, and strength. And like unto it, love they neighbor as thyself. Contained within these simple commandments is the spirit of the law. If we truly love God, we will obey all of his commandments as well as all of the promptings he gives us and we will love everyone else to the degree in which we will do them no wrong but forgive and love them continually to which extent we will be willing to lay down our property, our time, and even our very lives for them.

I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is God's Church and that there is none other like it. I love The Lord and his example. He is perfect and His love for each of us is perfect. Always always ALWAYS pray sincerely to know what you should do and how you can do the will of God. I love you all so very much and I love your support!

Elder Norrell

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