Monday, May 25, 2015

Mission destroyed

So the mission was DESTROYED this transfer! Nearly every companionship had missionaries transfer out and it was cray cray! We got a third missionary. His name is Elder Barrow and he's cool!

Today for P-day we went to Swan Falls which is a dam. There are these things called whistle pigs and they're like these little cannibalistic Guinea pigs that live in holes in the ground. I think they're known as ground squirrels or something. 

Elder Savage is going home three weeks into this next transfer because of school and whatnot. He'd be leaving at the end of the transfer in six weeks anyway but oh well. 

So we moved about a third of a mile down the road today so that's cool. We are living with an Elderly couple now and they seem nice. We had a good time moving. Elder Savage was trying to remove a stopper on the legs of the bed with a knife and I was like "Elder Savage we can find a better way to do this." and Elder Savage was like "Nah" and I said "don't cut yourself." and then the knife slipped and he cut his hand. Looks like I was right but I'll never say it. I'm the one that tries to think of the best way to do something and Elder Savage is the one that just does it with brute force. What I'm trying to say is that we compliment one another.

This week I found investigators while on splits! A mother and son living with the less active member boyfriend. Confusing right? But seriously this lady was praying for help and then a day later we showed up. Prayer ANSWERED! Cause that's what we do. They are all super awesome and are willing to come to church and do what it takes to get Christ back into their lives. I mean you can give me all of the reasons not to believe or have faith but this kind of miracle has been happening often soooo I can't deny it nor do I want to.

This week has been amazing and I love you all! I hope life is going well! feel free to send me mail and a personal email!

Love you all so much!!
Love, Elder Norrell!

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Elder Joshua Norrell
1008 W Sanetta St. 
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