Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Lots of work!

This week feels like a very long week.

Transfer calls came two days ago and Elder Perry will be with another Missionary this next transfer and I will be training again. We all have talents and even in the mission we are expected to use them. I suppose the Lord sees that I am a decent trainer. Must be my mission niche! I am not the most eloquent teacher or the best leader but I am fairly easy to get along with so I guess training is something that I will be asked to do a lot! I am still the district leader and this next transfer my district is supposed to be larger. But you know it is so much easier now that I have been doing it for six weeks so that's a little bit less stress on me.

There is this ten-year old girl that we are teaching who wants to be baptized! We set a date with her for this next Saturday so hopefully it will work out. Everything has been working against us. It seems that almost everything that could go wrong has. Her Father left and moved to Texas, leaving behind her and her many siblings. She is the third oldest and is pretty responsible. She came to church on her own with one dollar for tithing. It was a miracle that she was willing to express her faith by bringing her tithing with her without being asked to. Especially since her and her siblings go to bed hungry most nights. It's hard to get them help because her parents aren't doing what they are supposed to which can cause problems. She is just very prepared and has shown us that she wants to do the right thing even if nobody else in her family is. How a gem like her came from the situation that she is in baffles me. Where did the good come from amidst all of the wrong? That in itself is a miracle and there is no denying it. I know that God wants to help us and that no matter what we are experiencing, we can be a light and we can be blessed with faith beyond measure. This little girl knows who she is and she knows what is right. Her understanding may not be perfect but her faith is very close.

I love you all and I want you to know that I have seen God's hand daily. If you have seen God's hand, you may as well have seen Him with your very own eyes. Blessed are the pure in heart; for they shall see God.

Elder Joshua Norrell

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

New Stuff!

So we got a third companion, Elder Edwards, and a jeep! Both additions were needed and with Elder Edwards we took in his area with ours! Also, I'm assigned to drive the jeep and I hate driving sooo yeah that happened. I will attach a picture.

We found two new investigators this week through inspired tracting! "What is inspired tracting?" you may ask. Well allow me to explain. We look at a map of our area and choose ten streets. Then We individually look at the list and select three streets. All three times we did it, Elder Edwards and I either got the exact same street names or were one off from having all three the same! It was cool and all and when we went there were people whose doors we knocked on that were super prepared for our message! It was surely a blessing!

Also this week when we had to go back home early because it was Halloween, we played chess and watched Ephraim's rescue. It's a movie about the Mormon pioneers in the Martin Handcart company and all of the miracles that they experienced even though there were plenty of hardships to go along with it. Parts of the movie were hard to watch, especially when it depicted other people in pain. Interesting how sensitive you become to those things when you don't see it for a while.

Anywho this week has been great and I appreciate all of the emails! Now enjoy a photo of me looking dumb with the keys to a nice Jeep!

Elder Norrell