Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April 20, 2015

Hello! So funny story, my companion Elder Savage, who was transferred into Kuna with me, and I were contacting someone and we saw this Elderly woman in a hover round and the end of the street. So after we contact this person we turn around and here's this old disabled lady in her hover round across the street from us yelling something incomprehensible. So being the Elders and stuff we walk over to her and she's STILL shouting nonsense at us and we haven't a clue what she's saying. All we can make out is "Mormon" so we are all like "Yes! We are the Mormons!" and then this woman, we'll call her Hanna, is yelling "CULT! Ahhhbuuhcookiiluuuaaahhh! CULT!" "No we aren't a cult." and THEN she starts yelling again and we have no idea what she is saying. So she pulls out this laminated sheet of paper with the alphabet on it and this woman is BASHING us one. letter. at. a. time. APPARENTLY Hanna went to a Lutheran Bible College so she MUST be well versed. She's going on and on about how we are man made and whatnot and how we are awful people. "All we want is for people to be happy." we say. She disagrees. So I pull out the big guns and say. "Do you hate me?" Her mouth opens up as wide as it can go. Her tongue is sitting there and some air begins to whistle past her tongue. The corners of her mouth turn up to show her teeth a little and she answers "YES!" as she nods her head up and down. And I'm just over here like "Oh really?". Eventually she accepted a Book of Mormon and we tell her "God loves all of his children and Jesus Christ does as well. We know that if you read this book and pray to God with a sincere heart, your relationship with him will be strengthened. "Yes yes!" Hanna is shaking her head the affirmative while pointing to the designated "PTL" which stands for "Praise The Lord" on her alphabet sheet that sits between the "YES" and the "NO". "I love everyone!" Says Hanna. But that was about all we had from Hanna.

People like to Bible bash in Kuna. We are biking about ten miles a day at least and my quads are constantly on fire but it's all okay! I love it though! Kuna is this small town and Elder Savage and I have about 900 members between 8th and 6th wards which are the two we cover. That's about half of the stake! There are rolughly 350 active members in 8th ward and 150 active in 6th and with all of the subdivisions being built people move in weekly. It's been a little tough. We have to bike to go see everyone, records haven't been kept in the area book for about sixth months and the Previous elders left a VERY bad taste in everyone's mouth so we have some repairs to conduct with our relationship with the town. The list of "Visit Weekly" people that the previous Elders left us is basically a list of hangout spots where people intend for us to stay about three hours to hang out. Homie don't play that. Overall though we are having GREAT success. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it here! Some people are really nice but others not so much. The population is about 17% LDS. Some people even care so much about us that they can only use hand signals to express their concern for us! To think that we could have such and impact! I mean there are young people that give us advice as they drive by and even one guy in a truck waving a sword around shouting for joy! The Nazarene's are a different story though. I'll tell you what they can sure be verbally hostile. But there are people here of every religion and their views of the Mormons are very colorful to say the least.

Fight it all you want. God still loves you! I know I'm doing the right thing and I love it!

Love you,
Elder Norrell

I can only do one picture at a time.P.S. Elder Hamlin my MTC comp is the one on the far right.

Here are pictures of Kuna.

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